Bamboo Baseball Bats Pros and Cons

Bamboo Baseball Bats Pros and Cons

These bamboo baseballs have been existing for a couple of times. Most people utilize it for bating practices as well as real games. Many people ask a crucial question on the durability and the capacity of this bamboo baseball since it is obtained from wood baseball bats. Therefore, in this article, I will explain all the necessary information you need to have, especially when searching for bamboo baseball bat pros and cons in the market.

Top 03 bamboo baseball bats pros and cons


  • Mizuno bamboo elite classic baseball bat

Mizuno bat is our top pick in our list. The brand consists of glass fibers and Bamboo joined together in a handle and taper. The presence of a barrel in the structure makes it withstand strong hits. After this strong hit, it is then sanded for a better and quality grip. Additionally, it comes with a cupped end, which plays the role of weight distribution and increases the swing speed.

Mizuno bamboo elite classic baseball bat

The model exists in different inches, such as 34, 33, 32, and 31-inch length. What makes this brand our top pick is its warranty, which is limited to 4 months, thus saving your money.


  • It comes with a warranty limited to four months
  • It certified by BBCOR
  • Available in different size
  • Taper and handle consist of glass fibers


  • The model comes with very few pop

  • Mpowered 2014 big barrel rocket bamboo bat

If you are looking for a durable bamboo baseball bat that provides a sweet and decent spot, then the Mpowered 2014 big barrel rocket bat is your pick. The model comes with an excellent balance and better pop, which is the best for contact hitters. However, the Mpowered brand does not meet BBCOR standards but meets drop weight criteria.

This bat also comes with a 271 turn model painted, watermarked, and sanded adequately, giving it a better feel. Besides, it comes with a handle that is medium knobbed that is good for contact hitters who likes playing outside the leagues that are sanctioned.


  • It offers sweet spots that are decent
  • Good pop and excellent balance
  • Made from durable Bamboo
  • It has a medium knobbed handle with a big barrel


  • The model is not certified by BBCOR


  • Runners-Up Bamboo Bat 18-Inch Baseball Bat

Runners-up come with a rolled end and standard knob, available on full-length bats and used during the actual plays. You can use this model for soft toss and tee drills. The brand comes in a white and black finish giving it a professional vibe. The presence of specialized training enables the user to improve hand strength and hand-eye coordination without controlling a long bat.


  • Has a standard knob as well as a rolled end
  • Useful for soft toss and tee drills
  • Highly versatile thus can fit in any bag
  • It consists of a durable bamboo


  • Not suitable for the actual games


I hope this article has provided you with insightful information that will help you make the right decision when looking at the best option for you. Therefore, consider choosing bamboo bats that are highly durable and with strong strength. Besides, if you intend to use the bats for the actual games, you must look for certifications.

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