Best Softball Bat for 7 & 8 Years Old

Playing baseball is not all about running and hitting the ball. You require the experience to enjoy the game. For you to be on top of the game, you need to choose a suitable bat carefully. Different ages call for a different kind of Bat. Kids like to play, and Softball is one kind of games they enjoy much.

The sport can be quite dull if they don’t have the required equipment. Although finding the necessary Bat for a seven and 8-year-old is challenging, worry no more because we got you covered. We provide the best type of bats to make sure your kid enjoys playing baseball. This article is discussing various kinds of the best softball bats in the market.

Best Fastpitch Softball Bats for 8 years old

Here are the top 6 softball bats for 8 years old

  • Rawlings Storm Fastpitch Softball
  • DeMarini CF-11 Fastpitch Softball Bat
  • Easton Crystal -13 Fastpitch Softball Bat
  • 2018 Mizuno-Finch Fastpitch Softball bat
  • Louisville-2020 Proven-13 Softball Bat
  • Louisville Slugger 2018 Proven Pitch Softball Bat
  1. Rawlings Storm Fastpitch Softball

Rawlings Storm Fastpitch Softball

Product description

Rawlings manufactures is one of the best producers of baseball bats. This year they launched Storm-13 Fastpitch softball bat as their new brand. It is a one-piece alloy model, designed to ensure each hitter reveals his or her control, power, and speed naturally. The Bat also features a lighter Speed Cap, an alloy barrel, and general lightweight to maximize bat speed.


  • Barrel diameter of 2 ¼ inches
  • Three colors are available, (Blue, White, and Orange)
  • One year manufactures warranty
  • Has a balanced weight for better swings
  • 1-piece alloy bat
  • Designed for young players
  • It has a -13 length to mass Ratio

The company uses one-piece aluminum material to construct this Bat. Aluminum is not heavy and this helps young players to make marvelous swings with the use of less energy when making a hit. It’s a remarkable change for the reason that this Bat gives a comfy feeling in the pitch.

The 2 ¼ inch barrel diameter is big enough to provide a large surface area for perfect hits. It has a flatter and short barrel to enlarge the sweet spot for excellent results. The handle is optimized to increase grip as well as help the hitter have control over the Bat.


  • It’s light and easy to swing the Bat
  • Has a relative pocket-friendly price
  • An excellent bat for beginners
  • You turn a bit faster
  • Has a large sweet spot


  • This model is allowed for associations and leagues with USA approval

We recommend this Bat for seven years old because it has the features to help them increase their experience level. Its logic at this age a kid will need a bat that is light and easy to play with.

  1. DeMarini CF-11 Fastpitch Softball Bat 

DeMarini CF-11 Fastpitch Softball Bat 

Product Description

Get ready to push up your experience level with DeMarini CF-11 because it’s a perfect bat. It is designed in a way that young elite-player generate maximum power with the use of minimal effort. The company uses innovative material and design for this Bat. It has a drop weight of -11 with a large barrel sized 2.24 inches radius and short lengths as 28 inches.


  • Barrel diameter of 2 ¼ inches
  • Has -11 length to mass Ratio
  • Blue, Pink and Black colors available
  • Wrapped handle for ultimate performance

DeMarini dealers construct this Bat with half and a half two-piece design composite materials. The bits and pieces used are durable and ultra- receptive. They use a 3-Fusion system to facilitate weight control and a better feeling. On making a reliable contact, there is minimal vibration due to the Fusion connection.

The barrel is paraflex-composite and has a large sweet spot for a comfy feel as well as premium pop when you make solid contact. More so, it requires minimal break-in periods before actual play. The handle has a wrapping to lessen the vibrations generated by the barrel. A new ReAction cap offers splendid performance without interfering with the speed.


  • The Bat is durable enough to stand a couple of seasons
  • Its flexible and quite responsive Bat
  • Has a lightweight for better swings
  • CF has a distinct feel and look


  • One of the shortcomings of this Bat is the price. Of course, it isn’t just cheap.

DeMarini CF-11 bat is a recommendable Bat for eight years old because it has the features to help them raise their experience level. Its common sense at this age a kid will need a bat that is light and easy to play with.

  1. Easton Crystal -13 Fastpitch Softball Bat

Easton Crystal -13 Fastpitch Softball Bat

Product Description

Easton Crystal -13 is one of the best softball bats manufactured by Easton Company mostly recommended for the players who wish to connect with each pitch. It’s a one-piece model considered to offer great pop and power when you make solid contact. It is a lightweight bat with -13 drop weight. It’s Certified for ASA, ISF, ISA, NSA and USSSA leagues.


  • Its recommended for youth players
  • Has a thin handle with a diameter of 29/32 inches
  • Two colors are available Purple and charcoal
  • It has a balanced weight
  • 1.20 BPF certification
  • Durable for several seasons
  • Increased grip for better control

Easton constructs this design with one-piece aluminum (7050 Aircraft Alloy)t, which is sustainable. The Alloy also makes the walls thinner and reduces weight. The lightweight feature of this bat helps you play comfortably since minimal energy is required to make beautiful swings.

The barrel is big enough to make great hits because of the large sweet spot, with a diameter of 2 ¼ inches. The handle is thin, wrapped to improve the grip, and ensures you keep produced power under control. The handle also reduces vibration after making solid contact. The ultimate grip also helps create powerful hits. The concave end cap reduces overall weight.


  • It generates better swings because it’s a lightweight bat.
  • Produces sweet pop
  • Enhanced grip for better control
  • You can use it for several seasons since its durable


  • May still sting your hand
  • There is a slight probability that some kids may find a little heavy

This Bat is recommendable, especially for 8 years old softball players, because it is durable as we know kids can be reckless to the point of breaking it. Furthermore, it’s not heavy so it easy for kids to make swings

  1. 2018 Mizuno-Finch Fastpitch Softball bat

2018 Mizuno-Finch Fastpitch Softball bat

Product Description

Mizuno finch is an excellent option for beginners, experts, and amateurs around the world. Dealers are committed to producing top-rated equipment, and for this reason, fastpitch softball players love it. Jennie Finch and Mizuno’s partnership is useful because they turn out the best softball bats for all. They acknowledge this model for ISF, NSA, ISA, ASA, and USSSA play.


  • 1-piece aluminum Softball Bat
  • Suggested for young players who need to maximize swing speed
  • Has a balanced swing weight
  • Cushioned Bat to improve grip and reduce vibrations
  • Endorsed for ISF, ASA, USSSA, ISA and NSA play
  • MZ 2200 plus Alloy to optimize durability and performance.
  • Approved by USA softball legend Jennie Finch

For each model, the Mizuno dealers use one-piece MZ2200+ aluminum material, which is durable and produces the most delicate pop. It features a lightweight (-13 drop weight) to better the swings at minimal use of force. Also constructed with a large sweet spot of diameter 2 ¼ inches, and this helps hitter to make comfy hits.

The barrel is large and optimized to lower weights for incredible balance and outstanding swing speed throughout the pitch. The handle is wrapped with a synthetic cover to enhance grip and control, as well as improving the performance. It also prevents your hands from extensive stings if you make a mishit.


  • Reduced stings since the handle has a wrapping
  • Lightweight –easy to swing
  • Less fear of crack or tear and wear as its durable
  • Premium grip and comfy feeling in players hands


  • Sometimes, vibrations produced by the Bat on making solid contact with the baseball may surpass the wrapping.

Mizuno bat is for young hitters who wish to push their skills to the next level as it’s easy and comfortable to make superb swings at balanced speed. The model gives kids the best feeling.

  1. Louisville-2020 Proven-13 Softball Bat

Product Description

Are you working to push your game to the next level, Louisville Slugger proven is designed to suit you. The Bat is constructed with the one-piece composite design for feel and response. For beginners, it’s also an ideal choice because it generates plenty of power with speed. It’s available from 33 inches to 28 inches long with a drop weight of -13. It is a bat with USSSA fastpitch certification, and it offers room for you to grow.


  • Big barrel with a diameter of 2 ¼ inches
  • Has a Large sweet spot for better hits
  • Very balanced swing weight for better control
  • Three colors are available (White, Pink & Black)
  • Offers excellent power on making solid contact
  • Acknowledged for the young players

Louisville Slugger Proven is constructed by one-piece composite material to ensure it is responsive as well as provide a better feel. The content is light to ensure young hitters make amazing hits by applying less energy on the Bat. This comfort boosts the performance and players confidence on the pitch

The barrel is 2 ¼ inches in diameter, and this provides an incredibly sizeable sweet spot that helps a lot by improving bat control. It also generates unique pop sound on making rock-hard contact with the baseball. The handle has a diameter of 7/8 inches, which is a standard size and wrapped for a better feel and grip.


  • Young players make comfortable swings since its light
  • The Bat is durable for several seasons
  • Produces a sweet pop
  • Gives a hitter the best feel
  • One year manufactures warranty
  • Offers short break –in periods


  • The disadvantage is that this Bat is only for play in NSA, USSSA, ASA and ISA leagues and associations.

You don’t need to worry much about cracks, dents, and Cap breaking because the material used is durable. Graphics eye-catching, players love it. It’s a recommendable bat for 8-year-old hitters. Make sure your kid gets the best feeling, just like the other players.

  1. Louisville Slugger 2018 Proven Pitch Softball Bat

Product Description

Take your daughters’ game to the next level with Louisville Slugger 2018 proven -13 bat. It’s an excellent choice for youth players. This softball bat offers maximum speed and control every time you are in the pitch. It’s constructed in one- piece hundred percent composite to ensure proper performance.


  • One-piece construction for a more rock-hard feeling when you make a solid contact
  • Hundred percent composite bat to enhance durability as well as pitch results
  • A thin handle with a diameter of 7/8 inch diameter
  • Cushioned handle for better grip
  • Recommended for young players who desire better speed and maximized control over the Bat.

Louisville Slugger dealers’ brings 2018 proven to take your skills to a higher level. A 100% composite bat that ensures it is long-lasting enough to withstand several seasons. Its logic, no one wants to purchase a bat that will play one or two games only to get severe cracks or dents.

The barrel is large enough to provide a better sweet spot and a better feel when you make solid contact. The handle is thin- with a 7/8 inch diameter, cushioned to protect hands from vibrations caused by the barrel after hitting the baseball


  • It’s lightweight therefore easy to swing
  • Durable for several seasons
  • Offers ultimate grip
  • Protects hands from injuries
  • Offers speed hits


  • It for women young hitters- boys cannot use it even if are in the approved league.

We recommend this model for your daughter since it’s lightweight, durable for several seasons, and capable of changing her game. Purchase today and you will notice a change from how she makes the hits.

Best Softball Bats for 7 Years Old

Here are the top 6 softball bats for 7 years old

  • Louisville Slugger Quest-2020 Softball Bat
  • 2020 Mizuno Finch-Jennie Softball Bat
  • Easton Women’s- Amethyst Pitch Softball
  • Easton Ghost -11 -2019 Softball Bat
  • Anderson Rocketech Fastpitch Softball bat
  • 2019 Louisville Slugger LXT-11 Softball Bat
  1. Louisville Slugger Quest-2020 Softball Bat

Product Description

It’s the new Quest fastpitch model from Louisville. They have really dedicated their time and innovation to produce the best Softball bat to make sure kids push the experience to new levels. It’s a one-piece composite design that is extraordinarily durable and lighter. The price is pocket-friendly compared to other models in the market


  • One-piece composite Bat
  • Ultra-balanced swing weight
  • Suggested for young players who which to upgrade their experience.
  • Consistent performance
  • Louisville standard bat Grip
  • Available three colors (Black, White & Teal)
  • Length to Weight Ratio is -13

The company uses a hundred percent alloy and super-lightweight material to construct this model. With this lightweight young hitter are capable of making rapid swings and also control the Bat. Bats manufactures with Alloy are strong hence durable for many seasons. Besides, this Bat doesn’t get unreasonable dents or cracks.

It has a bigger barrel providing a larger sweet spot for splendid hits and power. The barrel features a diameter of 2 ¼ inches and drop-12 length to mass Ratio. The handle is pre-wrapped for better grip, reduce vibrations produced, and boost control with a diameter of 7/8 inches.


  • Easy to swing for a young player
  • It is durable
  • Produces a sweet pop
  • Pre –wrapped to protect the hands from stings
  • Low price guarantee
  • One year manufactures warranty


  • This Bat is only approved for ISF, ASA, NSA, ISA and USSSA league play

It’s one of the recommendable bats in the market for 7u old because of the lightness, swing speed, and performance. Your kid is able to push his or her skill to the next level with Quest bat from Louisville slugger.

  1. 2020 Mizuno Finch-Jennie Softball Bat

Product Description

Mizuno 2020 is the latest brand launched by Finch-Jennie. It’s a perfect choice for all layers around the world, especially young ones. They construct the model to deliver top-rated results. It’s an MZ-2200 + aluminum design for extreme lightweight and durability as it is an upgrade of the previous models. Get your Bat today and play an enjoyable game.


  • It’s a one-piece Aluminum softball bat
  • Has a balanced weight
  • Customers enjoy one year manufactures warranty
  • Constructed with MZ 2200+ alloy
  • Has a synthetic cushion for grip
  • Large barrel with a diameter of 2 ¼ inches
  • Length to Weight Ratio of -13

For this model, the Mizuno uses one-piece aluminum material, which is long-lasting and produces the most delicate pop. It features a lightweight with -13 drop weight to better the swings with negligible use of force. Also constructed with a large sweet spot of diameter 2 ¼ inches, and this helps hitter to make comfortable hits.

The barrel is big and optimized to lower weights for incredible balance and dazzling swing speed all through the pitch. The handle is wrapped with a synthetic cover to increase grip and control, as well as improving the performance. It also prevents your hands from extensive stings if you fail to hit the ball correctly.


  • Easy to swing since it has a lightweight
  • Enhanced grip because of the wrapped handle
  • It is durable for several seasons
  • Has a comfy feeling in players hands due to the Premium grip


  • In some cases the vibrations produced may go beyond the wrapping to reach your hands

Mizuno Finch 2020 fastpitch baseball designed to win. It is a recommendable bat for young players, mainly aged between 7 years because it can push your kids’ skills.

  1. Easton Women’s- Amethyst Pitch Softball

Product Description

It is one of Easton’s new baseball bats sets manufactured with one-piece ALX50 aluminum alloy material for extended durability. Amethyst has a 1.20 certification, and it’s approved for ASA, ISF, USSSA, NSA, and ISA play. The Bat also features a cushioned handle to better the grip as well as improve control.


  • Approved for USSSA, ISF, ISA, NSA and ASA leagues and associations
  • A thinner handle of 29/32 inches in diameter
  • Aluminum alloy construction-ALX50 grade
  • Has 1.20 certification
  • A cushioned handle
  • One-piece aluminum design
  • sized 28”-17.0 oz
  • Features a speed of 98 mph

The Easton manufacture this diamond gem bat with a one-piece aluminum material (ALX50). Aluminum alloy with a -13 length to weight ratio is lightweight, and that makes the bat less-heavy for young baseball players to swing freely. Furthermore, the material used is quite durable for several seasons.

The barrel has a standard diameter-2 ¼ inches that provide a vast surface area for hitting the baseball. A large sweet spot reduces the chance of making unsuccessful hits. The handle is thin and wrapped to boost grip as well as help reduce the vibrations produced by the barrel after making solid contact with the ball.


  • Easy for a young hitter to swing with and have control over the power generated.
  • Better grip and feel provided by the cushion
  • Large sweet spot
  • It is quite durable


  • The disadvantage of this model is that it gets dirty quickly, so you may tend to clean it often.
  1. Easton Ghost -11 -2019 Softball Bat

Product Description

Many baseball players are switching to Easton softball bats to find out the reason here. The Easton ghost-11 is the most recent bat that recently released to the market. It offers a unique feeling with incomparable sound and pops. Designed with a double-barrel that is manufactured by use of the XTX- extra touch resin technology. You will realize it results in a better performance with just one swing.


  • Has a 1.20 BPF certification
  • Approved for ISA, NSA and USSSA league and association play
  • Double barrel construction
  • XTX matrix technology building
  • Thinner handle-29/32 inch diameter
  • Two-piece design featuring NITROCELL foam to make it a lightweight bat
  • Has a 1.2 HYPERSKIN to enhance grip and control

The Easton Company uses XTX ETRA Resin to manufacture this model. It makes it durable enough for several seasons and also ensures flexibility. The 2-piece NITROCELL foam produces a lighter bat. Because of that, the game is lively, especially young players who need to generate splendid swings with less use of energy.

A double-barrel gives the best results ever when you make solid contact with the baseball. Of course, nothing feels better than making comfortable hits with absolute power. The handle wrapped with a hyper-skin to boost grip on the hands as well as help you get control over the Bat. In addition, the skins also protect your hands from vibrations.


  • It’s a lighter make, easy to swing
  • Ensures you have maximum control
  • Produces ultimate pop sound
  • It is flexible
  • Offers the desired grip
  • It’s durable for more than a few seasons


This Bat is only for associations and leagues with USSA, ISA and NSA standards.

Since it offers maximum control, better feel, flexibility, and incomparable pop, it’s the hottest brand in the market recommendable to seven years old.

  1. Anderson Rocketech Fastpitch Softball bat
Product Description

Rocketech flash-12 2020 model is here; hot enough to push your seven-year-old child’s experience to the next level. It is constructed Aerospace Alloy with a balanced weight of drop-12 length to weight ratio. The lightness of this model ensures you make bone-crushing hits by use of less energy. The bat construction makes it durable enough not to worry about dents or crack. It also gives a better feeling on the hands.


  • Big barrel for a large Sweet spot -2 ¼ inch diameter
  • Recommended for girls aged seven to ten
  • Ultra-thin wall to boost grip and bat speed
  • Single-walled –Aerospace alloy-AB 9000 Power Arch
  • Features a -12 length to weight Ratio
  • BPF 1.20 certification
  • Wrapped handle
  • 2 ¼ inch diameter barrel

Anderson construct this model with Aerospace alloy technology, and that makes it light enough to ensure your child’s high performance in the pith. The material is durable enough to serve you for several seasons with better hits. You don’t have to worry about dents and cracks because this design is robust to overcome any heat you subject it to out there in the pitch.

The barrel has a large sweet spot with a diameter of 2 ¼ inches for a comfy feel as you make potent hits. Has an ultra-thin handle that improves the grip on your hands as well as help you have control of all that ultimate power produced by the bat,


  • Produces very fast swings
  • Provides exceptional life-time durability since it doesn’t break or dent easily
  • It’s lightweight for a balanced feel
  • You need short break-in periods if necessary
  • Yields to good performance


  • The disadvantage is that it is approved for USSSA, ASA, NSA and ISA leagues play

It’s a good bat for young players because it will raise your child’s confidence in the pitch. Make your order today and you will realize a significant change from how your daughter hits the baseball. Do not be reluctant; ensure she gets the best experience ever.

  1. 2019 Louisville Slugger LXT-11 Softball Bat

Product Description

Enjoy effortless swings with 2019 Louisville Slugger LXT softball bat since it is one of the hottest bats in the market. It’s a three-piece Composite VCX technology bat that is flexible and powerful with every hit you make. It features a plastic wrapping to protect you from stings caused by vibrations. The model has a 2 ¼ inch barrel. It’s approved for USSA, ISA, ASA and NSA play. The bats available three-color (white, Black, and Gold)


  • A thin handle with a 7/8 inch diameter
  • Composite three-piece material
  • Build with VCX technology for a unique feel
  • Extra Light-weight X-Cap that boosts speed
  • Vast barrel with 2 ¼ inch diameter
  • LS-grip for better control and feel on hands

It’s manufactured in three-piece composite material. The company uses VCX technology that offers flexibility, a balanced weight, and optimum power in the pitch. Furthermore, the material used to build this Bat is lightweight (-11 drop weight) enough to produce powerful hits and swings comfortably.

The barrel is constructed PBF technology and has a large sweet spot to maximize the performance – 2¼ inches diameter. It has a standard handle with a 7/8 inch diameter, and it’s covered in an LS pro wrapping to protect your hands from stings as a result of vibrations generated by the barrel after making solid contact.


  • This model is durable –build with best material and technology
  • Protects the hands from injuries
  • Easy to swing and with speed as its lightweight
  • Gives better results in the pitch


  • Although this is a Bat with excellent mechanics, it’s a bit pricey

It’s one of the recommendable bats in the market for 7 years because of the lightness, swing speed, and performance. Your kid can push his or her skill to the next level with this brand from Louisville Slugger dealers.

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 Trust depends on oneself. Here are the reasons you should trust our reviews.

One of the key reasons why our reviews are worth trust is that we do thorough research about a product. Research enables us to gather sufficient as well as quality information. Also, we tend to do a detailed analysis of the product’s key attributes and prices. For instance, concerning a Bat, the review focused on the product’s performance, durability, and usability.

Notably, customers tend to value this information before making a purchase. Hence, our review will provide this important information. Our reviews are worth trust because we also focus on the product’s advantages and disadvantages. It should be noted that a Bat might have defects that may harm the User. However, with the provision of this information, the potential buyer or seller will rely on this information before purchase. Finally, our reviews will assist in building trust and loyalty to the product.

How to pick a perfect softball bat for 7 &8 years old kid

Honestly choosing a bat for a seven or eight year’s old kid is not straightforward because they are new in the game. You must consider several factors to pick the finest Bat. Below are the factors to reflect on.

Have a look at the weight

It’s essential to consider the weight of a bat when choosing one for a seven or eight-year-old. Ensure you purchase a lightweight bat, comfortable for your kid to swing and make perfect hits. A lightweight bat requires minimal energy to turn while a heavy one slows down your speed.

Consider the league certification

Bats have this marking –stamps to show you the association and league-approved for play. Different leagues approve different bats. You cannot use an illegitimate bat for a particular softball association. If you have purchased a bat recently, you notice it has the marking saying ISF, USSSA or ASA.

These regulations guarantee comfort as well as safety. The laws also ensure fair contest between the teams

Consider the length

This is a vital aspect, so you should pay close attention. First, all you need to ensure you are aware of your height. The length of a bat determines how potent your kids’ hits will be. Long bats require more energy to make hits.

If you need to determine the best size for your kid, just position to the child’s side, ensure his or her palm gets to the handle and place the knob at your child’s chest. The Bat is the right size if his or her hands can grab the barrel. For this age, it’s generally 27-28 inches long


Choosing a top-rated bat is not a simple task, especially for a seven or eight years old kid, but that should not be a problem anymore since we have provided comprehensive information to help you get the right one. Purchase today and move your sons or daughter game to the next level. Remember to enjoy the game; you need the best Bat.

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