Best Catchers Gear for Fastpitch Softball

When the playground audience shouts on players’ performance, it will increase more while catcher performance. But all this plot brings some difficulty! The catcher needs protection to avoid injuries or unnecessary accidents because catchers work hard to develop their core responsibilities on FastPitch. So that, the catcher needs the best catchers gear for fastpitch softball in the field. All these necessary equipment not only fully protect you, but also allow you to feel mobility and security to be your best.

1. Louisville Slugger Youth PG Series 5 Catchers Set

When you are thinking about protecting your body when it comes to baseball, Louisville Slugger Youth PG Series has already marketed something incredible for you that will save you a great deal of unexpected damage. It is declared itself to the top level in fastpitch catchers gear.

Louisville Slugger Youth PG Series 5 Catchers Set

Details & Specification

Featuring top-rated brand Louisville Slugger PG Series 5 Youth is one of the best softball catchers gear sets comes with a helmet, book protector and shin guards. The new lighter, precision pad-designed book protector fits better than ever and doesn’t come up during crunching. The ball dies toward the high-density foam padding contact and the shoulder harness fits a new form above. More pad brakes allow the pads to be better on the body.

Perforated mesh lining with metal mesh cover reduces weight and creates better airflow. Physically inspired, the double-knee design allows for a good fitting shin guard and a less limited range-of-motion. Intermediate-size: Book Protector; 12 “. Shin Guards; 13”. Helmet; One size that is, 6 3/8 – fits 7. To keep you safe, the catcher set made from extra-sturdy, lightweight materials. Available in the market with a variety of different color combinations. Louisville Slugger’s Series 5 catcher sets ranked catchers of every skill level in the game.

Why you should buy it  –
1. Beautifully blend of price, comfort, durability, and quality.
2. The chest protection is well built and offers good rebound control
3. The super stylish and glossy finishing makes the player unique from others

Why you should avoid it  –
1. Specially designed for intermediate catchers, about ages 8-12.
2. The helmet may cause difficulties for those who wear glasses


Every catcher knows that her job is one of the hardest jobs in the playground because this is why he loves it. Easton x Jane Shrub’s Fundamental Set is an unbelievable new gear that was specifically created to motivate and protect Fastpitch catchers.

Details & Specification

In the Female Catcher Protective Box Set, the basic catcher’s helmet is designed with a new flowing long-lasting  ABS plastic material shell plus multiple-density soft foam padding for comfort and enough protection. The elementary  Chest Protector is one of the best silhouettes to provide the best fit, dynamism, and defense. The Leg Guards essential feature is an advanced shell design for better performance and its knee shape is for developing performance when throwing from blocks and knees

The catcher’s mask is made with an ABS plastic material shell with a steel cage. It has multiple-density soft foam padding with gloss solid finished fundamental book protector, the class silhouette is best, shoulder over the neck,  advanced neck, and collarbone guard, more than the one-way easy strong system. If you look over the fundamentals, you get advanced case design,  liner for breathing, and managgeable knee padding sizing at a time. The set is approved by NOCSAE and ranged as the best intermediate catchers gear set among the various brands.

Why you should buy it

  • Different sizes are available-small, medium, large
  • The Fundamental Book Protector provides the best fit, mobility, and protection
  • 100% inspire and protect fastpitch catchers.

Why you should avoid it

  • This product is sold in a full set, you can’t mix and match the items.
  • This model of EASTON says it is a female outfit

3. Easton Gametime Catchers Equipment Box Set

If you searching for unbelievable and the best softball catchers gear set that will perfectly fit with the body and keep balance with comfort, then Easton Gametime Catchers Equipment Box Set will be the right choice for your kid proved by fastpitch catchers gear.

Easton Gametime Catchers Equipment Box Set

Features, Details & Specification –

Easton Catchers Equipment Box Set has required a large helmet (7 1/8 – 7 1/2 in size), book protector (adult 17″) and leg guard (adult 16.5″). The game time box set is perfect to match your team’s color. Available in a combination of 4 colors. Recommended for ages 15 and over. This best fastpitch catchers gear offers the best quality and great price in both worlds. It can be customized to fit your top youth player, using double back adjustments located on the Book Protector.

Adjusting this allows you to get a snug and custom fit for each catcher. Not flipping loose gears around will help improve the mobility of young catchers. Other cool features are the chest plate and the ABD shell, which are layered inside with foam padding to help protect the catcher from the effects of the wild pitch. The steel mask is sturdy and built to last. The venting system works very well, which is important for hot days in the ballpark.

Why you should buy it  –

  1. Its wide knee creates better stability
  2. Latest vented shell design to increase enough airflow and breathability
  3. Perfect for matching with the team’s colors.

Why you should avoid it

  1. Recommended for ages 15 and up, so below this age may avoid it to buy
  2. The Catchers Equipment Box Set does not come with a bag

4. CHAMPRO Fastpitch Youth Catcher Set 

CHAMPRO Fastpitch Youth Catcher Full Gear Set is, one of the top fastpitch softball catchers gear set, has a quality helmet, chest protector and a pair of leg guards. Very lightweight product with great protection facility that your kid surely fall in love with it.

CHAMPRO Fastpitch Youth Catcher Set 

Features, Details & Specification –

Fastpitch Super Stylish Header: A durable and stylish Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene with a completely solid pad system. Its additional AirTech ventilation process allows fresh air to flow and escape.

Ultimate Chest Protector: Single-piece energy absorption, shrink-protector with low-resistant nylon binding.

Required Leg Guards: Remarkable performance shin guards vent holes with PE shin plates for elevated elasticity and durability, cantilever lining and air management.

Complete Gear Set: Champro Fastpitch Youth Catcher Set Included, A Fastpitch Hockey-style Headgear, Fastpitch Chest Protector and a Pair of Optimus Leg Guards.

A fastpitch headgear: Head size 6 1/2 to 7 inches. Long-lasting hockey-stylish Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene shell with a multiple solidity pad system.

Airtech ventilation Capacity: It allows fresh air to flow and escapes properly. Wide view line. Meets the NOCSAE standard.

Fastpitch Chest Protector: For ages 6-9, book protector is 12 inches and for ages 9-12, book protector length is 13.5 inches. This catcher set is briefly protective of the chest with single-piece energy absorbing, little-resistant nylon binding facility.

Optimus Leg Guards: Length 12″ from 6-9 years old and 13.5″ from 9-12 years old. Up-level-performance shin guards with PE shin plates for developed flexibility and long-lasting ability, cantilever lining positioning, and air management vent holes which include; 2 knee caps, full padding, 4 straps.

Why you should buy it–

  1. High-performance shin guards with PE shin plates for enhanced elasticity and permanence
  2. Cantilever lining reduces impact transfer to the system leg
  3. The vent-holes allow the airflow to satisfy the player while performing

Why you should avoid it

  1. Price is higher than other models
  2. No color varieties. Only black set is available

5. Wilson C1K Catcher’s Gear Kit

Made after Wilson Previous Stock Catcher gear, the C1K Catcher gear is created for long-lasting ability and stability but is made with the MLB style and feel in mind. Whether you are matured or an intermediate level player, the C1K catcher’s set will provide you protection throughout the season.

Wilson C1K Catcher's Gear Kit

Features, Details & Specification –

Created after Wilson Pro Stock Catcher Gear, the C1K Catcher Gear is manufactured for durability and stability but is built and reminiscent of the MLB Pro style. The C1K Catchers set will give you full-season protection. This catcher set includes Kit Catcher Helmet, Book Protector and Leg Guards Helmet Glossy Finishing Removable Humidity Wicking Chin Pad Adjustable Strap Fit Fits NOCSAE Safety

Quality Size: Ultimate Comfortable High-Density Foam Padding and Protective Enhancement Power Oven Design Adjustable Strength Adjustable Ball Strength On to straighten the size down Suitable for off and snug size: 15.5 “Recommended for younger generations of 15 years old. Different colors gear kit is available in the Wilson G1K model. Players look more beautiful in this colorful dress. Adult and intermediate differently appear in different sizes. From intermediate to adults, anyone can show his/her best performance by wearing the gear suit on the playground.

Why you should buy it

  1. The best fastpitch catcher gear set provides great coverage and protection.
  2. A comfortable helmet that easy to manage during games and practices.
  3. In many cases, the helmet, however, is very narrow and uncomfortable.
  4. It squeezes so much that it hurts to even open your mouth

Why you should avoid it

  1. The face mask does not have a separate throat protector.
  2. No size is available for infants

6. Under Armour Women’s Catching Set

This set is very much like Easton Natural Catcher gear. It is designed for young players and the shoulder pads are adjustable. Even it comes complete by protecting the upper body. You can look for foam inserts on the shoulders, sternum, and neck that provide extra protection. This gives your young athlete a more customized fit. This is knowing one of the best softball catcher gear sets in fastpitch catchers gear review in an online.

Under Armour Women's Catching Set

Features, Details & Specification

This set is very much like Easton Natural Catcher gear. It is designed for young players and the shoulder pads are adjustable. Even it comes complete by protecting the upper body. You can look for foam inserts on the shoulders, sternum, and neck that provide extra protection. This gives your young athlete a more customized fit. An AGIS microbe solder provides more comfort, as well as it helps protect against moisture and bacteria formation. We all know how to get smelly catchers tools real fast so this is a welcome feature. Inside the helmet, there are protective ABS shells and i-Bar Vision masks.

It provides a great field of view and will open peripheral vision. Overall, it’s lightweight, affordable and mobile. There are three dashing colors is available in the store including; black, navy blue and res. Girls become more beautiful by wearing this awesome outlet. Sizes offer only for intermediate and adult players. The set is also called one of the best intermediate catchers gear set over the market.

Why you should buy it–

  1. Lightweight, affordable, and mobile
  2. Additional foam inserts in the shoulders, sternum, and throat, providing extra protection
  3. There are protective ABS shells in the helmet

Why you should avoid it-

  1. Customized especially for girls
  2. The chest protector is short and not too wide

7. Mizuno Samurai Women’s Catcher’s Gear Set

Are you looking for a customized dress where gray color body design with other colors border? Do you need the perfect softball catchers gear sets? Then don’t go away. Mizuno Samurai Women’s Catchers Gear Box Set will bring all that you need.

Mizuno Samurai Women's Catcher's Gear Box Set

Features, Details & Specification

For women 13-15 “, a box set requires all the catcher’s protective gear such as; actual chest protector, foot guard, and headpiece. Mizuno’s outstanding samurai catcher gear is made of highly qualified materials and fancy design details. The Book Protector is made of little counter-stroke foam with a greatly designed grippy surface to assist keep the ball in the front face of you. Foot Guards feature Mizuno’s K-Pad construction for extra comfort and knee defense.

The catcher’s helmet is manufactured with a tactical ventilation scheme, three-tier EVA foam padding, and a sturdy steel mask. The chest protector measures from the collar bone at the top of the waist. The shin guard measures from the center of the kneecap to the ankle blend. You will get the same requirement for the 14-16” women catcher gearbox set. Verities of colors are discovering for women to style with full enjoyment. But women can get all these colors border in one gray outfit only.

Why you should buy it –

  1. The chest protector is constructed with low counter-stroke foam with a grippy surface that designed specifically to help keep the ball in front of you.
  2. Leg guards feature Mizuno’s required K-pad construction for extreme comfort and knee protection.
  3. The catcher’s helmet is made with a user-friendly ventilation system, three-tier EVA foam padding, and sturdy steel made mask.

Why you should avoid it –

  1. Specially manufactured for women players, so boys can avoid it to purchase
  2. Price is too high

8. All-Star Women’s Fastpitch Series 14.5″ Catcher’s Set

The All-Star is highly respected and the best choice for our readers. They make extremely high-quality and the ideal fastpitch catchers gear sets, but of course, that value comes with a premium price tag. All-Star offers a wide range of options for different ages.

All-Star Women's Fastpitch Series 14.5 Catcher's Set

Features, Details & Specification

The Advance Fastpitch Catchers set is manufactured with a catcher’s mask, book protector, leg guard, and tool bag. Helmet – MVP 2300: multiple-density soft foam liner, ABS plastic material shell, and steel made cage. The padding is no option to remove. This gear is required for NOCSAE standards. If you look over the real size, you can see the size is almost 7 – 7 3/4. Chest Protector – CPW145PS: Manufactured for Intermediate Softball Catcher, the Women’s Players Chest Protector has the same cut as the system-seven-series, but is made with more economy-grade materials. Size: 14.5 inches. Leg Guards.

This double knee designed Leg Guard is great for starter or beginners with intermediate level softball catchers Size: 14.5 inches. Matured size is for adult women. This is the same gear worn by MLB players and many other professionals. The All-Star ‘I Bar Vision’ Steel Cage offers a better range of views and helps catchers track pop-ups. Ergonomic sheen and knee pads, lightweight and breathable chest pieces, and internal molding PE protection plates for collarbone, sternum, and neck set this set very easily.

Why you should buy it

  1. In addition to the adult sets, youth and inter sets are also great to choose from.
  2. There are plenty of places to adjust to all the straps on the chest and legs.
  3. Ergonomic design and lightweight are perfect for preventing fatigue throughout long games.

Why you should avoid it

  1. Designed only for the intermediate softball catcher
  2. It is manufactured only for women.

9. EASTON PROWESS Fastpitch Softball Catchers Chest Protector

Uncover hidden skills behind your plate with Easton’s new powerful Fastpitch Book Protector. This best softball catchers gear is created specifically for female athletes to protect the chest while performing on the field. In many fastpitch catchers gear reviews, this set it’s recognized one of the best fastpitch softball catcher gear set.

EASTON PROWESS Fastpitch Softball Catchers Chest Protector

Features, Details & Specification –

This Coolest Chest Protector is featured TorsoFlex, a multi-functional system that permits the top and bottom torsos to move separately during the movement of a catcher. Have receipt and counter-stroke technology that prevent the ball from continuous bouncing, while an advance 4-point-adjustment process with Neoprene grants little players to better adjust their body defenses to their chest. Look over the overall line of engineering gear glory especially for female catchers claiming, fitting, moving and protecting.

The full power set is designed specifically for female athletes. The new Four-Point Strap Adjustment System allows any player to further customize their gears to fit their bodies. Adults are usually 15.5 “inches tall and the average size is 14” inches. Easily adjustable to the shoulders and downwards. This would be recommended for most girls in high school or college. The most convenient aspect of this is, good form-fitting and able to move around.

Why you should buy it–

  1. Easily adjustable to the shoulders and downwards.
  2. Good form-fitting and able to move around.
  3. The receipt rebound control technology prevents the ball from bouncing too far.

Why you should avoid it –

  1. This would be recommended for most girls in high school or college.
  2. Specially designed for female athletes.

10. MacGregor Women’s Catcher Gear Pack

There is everything you need to do to protect this woman catcher in McGregor’s Gear Catcher. This package includes a catcher’s pro-style helmet, 4 “neck guard, female prep book protector, and double knee watchman. This baseball catcher’s gear pack is suitable for ages 14 and up, and is available in three colors, Scarlet, Royal, and Black.

MacGregor Women's Catcher Gear Pack

Features, Details & Specification –

The pack is designed specifically for girls ages from 9 to 13 years old ladies, this MacGregor female catcher’s gear pack decorates the protester in solid armor, ensuring he is prepared for the next pitch. A manageable combo helmet and the full-body are wrapped by a girl’s chest protector and young multiple knee foot guards, graning her to fearlessly face wild throws, fun balls and sliding runners. Girl catcher tools designed specifically for different ages starts from 9 to 13 to help young players develop basic baseball theme and softball striking skills likewise.

Catcher’s super combo helmet protects the head and face area and recoiling foul balls. The 4 inches neck guard wraps the neck, protecting the affected areas from unwelcome injuries. Its MCB81 Chest Protector smoothly absorbs the effects of speedy throws, so catchers can make a confident game. Youth multi-knee leg guards throw pins and field pins from sliding and allowing fearlessly play on the place of the playground.

Why you should buy it
1. The Pro Style Varsity Catcher’s Helmet protects you from outside danger
2. MCB81 Chest Protector easily absorbs the effects of wild throws, so catchers can make confident plays
3. A 4-inch neck protector wraps the neck, protecting weak areas from injury

Why you should avoid it 
1. Recommended for 14+ ages young players
2. This outfit is only designed for female athletes

Advantage of Purchasing Full Catchers Gear

Full fastpitch softball catchers gear is essential to show the best performance on the playground. If this standard set of gear needed to pay a bit extra, it would be worthwhile for next season. Because the same set you can use for a long time. In this article, you will find ideas on what the benefits of ordering a full catcher gear set can be.

Financial benefit: The first and foremost beneficial reason to buy a complete fastpitch softball catchers gear set is that it will be inexpensive at the time of purchase. You don’t have to worry about buying everything individually. Again, shipping costs will be less. If all the items are available together, then you can get rid of the hassle of buying separately.

For your convenience: Since you don’t have to buy pieces individually, you can get them from one place. This will save time and make it more convenient for you as you do not have to do a lot of shopping around. Some sellers offer incentives for the fastpitch softball catchers gear sets they sell. Take advantage of this to get even more out of the deal.

Cool rewards: Some businesses encourage people to sell fastpitch softball catchers gear set. Take advantage of this agreement to get the most out of its payment.

Matching gear sets: Many sets come in different color options that enhance the aesthetic appeal. You can even find colors that match the color of the team.

Better protection: The position of athletes wearing catcher gear will ensure that they do not get hurt and injured while playing. A complete fastpitch softball catchers gear set gives better protection as it covers all the important areas and each piece is made to fit each other. This makes it more comfortable, especially for longer games in warm weather.

How to pick the best catcher gear for softball –

If you want to keep the best catchers gear for fastpitch softball alive, you need to look at the fittings. Buying all the gear together may exceed your budget. Because there are so many pieces needed to protect the catcher body. Like most gear for baseball and softball players, the importance of properly fitting your gear is something that cannot be overlooked.

The common mistake parents make when buying catcher gear for kids by thinking they can use it more in a long time. The catcher’s gear needs to fit properly. Because when the gear rotates during play, they expose some part of the body that should be protected. Big pads slow down a catcher when jumping fast. So purchase the gear set 100% fitted, otherwise the game may turn around the winning situation into the black day!

Additionally, as catchers grow up, it is common to mix and match their gear brands. Instead of buying a full set of new gear, this exercise allows you to replace only the gear you need. The best gear will help you improve your position, but more importantly, it will keep you safe.

Besides fitness, you should keep the focus on quality. Branded equipment may work better than local accessories. They provide qualified material and secure players’ self-protection. We recommend people to buy branded catcher gear set. It may cost extra but with good play, it will reduce the risk of injuries and increase the confidence level that you can never imagine.

You must keep these factors in mind to get the best catcher gear for softball. If fitness and quality are in your favor, no one can protest you winning.

How we picked the top 10 –

Thinking about the parents, we have mentioned about the top ten best catchers gear for fastpitch softball. Not only that, but we also surveyed these gears. A team of ours has reviewed a large number of products sold by each type of brand that produces catcher equipment. All in all, our reviews are primarily based on the safety features of the equipment, its durability and cost, and to some extent, its design and evaluation of available color options.

A large number of online retailers sell gear with incredibly different sizes of different brands and variations of custom colors. For this reason, we present to you the top 10 products that you can buy online and order.

All products are affordable and high in value. The catcher in the league can choose a set of favorites from these brands or models to successfully hold his position. If you are inclined towards local products only by thinking about prices, then your choice of quality should be somewhat responsible for the quality of your game.

Why you should wear catcher gear –

Catchers always looking for the best gear that performs at their very top level. Immersed in the line of fire, catchers stable themselves in the most hazardous position on the playground and require potential security to stay willingly in the game. They also demand a lightweight, performance-friendly gear to stay acute. The catcher can run better than the other player.

Every second, they should be prepared to catch a fastball, barrier a ferocious pitch, field a boot, or run the ball to achieve a runner out, running for hours. For the entire reasons, you should need to wear the gear set, Because a set of catcher gear should not only well-suited on your body properly but will provide a great deal of energy, sufficient flexibility, and adequate protection. Catcher gear should improve performance by keeping the game sharp and adaptable, absorbing maximum visibility, breathing, moisture abrasion, and impact energy.


We have tried to find the best gear sets for you. If you have purchased this article before going to buy a catcher set, you will get some idea about the set. Also, if you want to get the best catcher gear set, you need to be ready to spend enough money and concentrate on the power that gear gives you about your choices. Be patient while searching for the perfect gear for the best results, because you deserve everything to get the right product.

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