Best Softball Glove For 8,9 &10 Year Old Kids

It is tough for parents to purchase the best softball glove for 8,9 &10 years old kids since they come in various quality, price, size and construction materials. Parents who are looking forward to buying their kids training and playing baseball should ensure in getting the most outstanding products used in the field by kids comfortably without straining. Since there are many products in the market manufactured by various companies claiming to be the best in the market, parents should know the information required before purchasing. Therefore, this essay aims at explaining the best softball gloves for nine-year-old children.

Best Softball Glove For 8,9 & 10-Year-Old Kids

  • Mizuno Prospect Finch [ Recommended Age 7-8 Years Old Kids ]
  • Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Gloves [ Recommended Age 7-9 Years Old Kids ]
  • Rawlings Sure Catch Youth Softball Glove Series  [ Recommended Age 8-9 Years Old Kids ]
  • Franklin Sports Teeball Infinite Web [ Recommended Age 7-9 Years Old Kids ]
  • The Mizuno Prospect Baseball Glove [Recommended Age 8-10 Years Old Kids]
  • Franklin Sports Softball Glove [Recommended Age 8-10 Years Old Kids]
  • Rawlings Sure Catch Youth Baseball Glove [ Recommended Age 9-10 Years Old ]
  • Wilson Tee Ball Glove Series [ Recommended Age 7-9 Years Old ]
  • Franklin Sports Air Tech Adapt Series 8.5 series [ Recommended Age 7-9 Years Old ]
  • Rawlings Select Pro Lite Baseball Glove [ Recommended Age 8-10 Years Old ]

Mizuno Prospect Finch [ Recommended Age 7-8 Years Old Kids ]

The Mizuno prospect Finch model is a fastpitch softball glove for youths and inspired by Jennie Finch. The construction of the model contains full-grain palm leather and the PowerClose technology making catching of the ball simple and reducing the possibility of a flying ball. Accordingly, the series of Prospect Finch gives unmatched comfort, and luxury feels by shock absorption and provision of the perfect protection hence creating a distractive free condition in youths during throwing and catching the ball. It’s one of the best fastpitch softball gloves for 7 and 8 years, old kids.

Mizuno Prospect Finch GPL1205F2 12" Youth Outfield/Pitcher Fastpitch Softball Glove - Recommended Age 7-8 Years Old


  • The series has a pigskin and full-grain leather palm providing substantial activity performance against different surfaces.
  • The shipping of the Mizuno glove is free.
  • It has inspirational feedback from a Gold medallist Legend, Jennie Finch.
  • The model comes with a black/pink colour.
  • The model has powerhouse innovation making easy catching and throwing easy by the youths.
  • The buttery-soft palm in the glove provides durability, superior comfort and feel.
  • It has a para shock palm pad for impact managing, thus reducing catches stings.
  • The air mesh Back helps in providing overall flexibility and accelerating airflow.
  • Mizuno lining in the glove helps accumulation of moisture and keeping hands clean.
  • The model has an Adjustable wrist cover for a simple fit.


The development of Mizuno prospect Finch consists of a PowerClose technology which increases performance and fitness. The power lock cover helps the kids in learning on how to catch the ball quickly in the pocket and also creating an adjustable wrist strap for easy and straightforward fit in the market.

  • Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Gloves [ Recommended Age 7-9 Years Old ]

The RTP Teeball Glove is an ideal model used by any young player in both training and playing. The company produces the lightest and comfortable gloves available for any child beginning to get into the field of sport. Accordingly, the lightweight and super soft development enables young kids to catch and make throwing quickly, thus making the kids develop essential gaming techniques.  Additionally, the ready to play Teeball glove comes with the super-soft foam baseball providing everything required by the players to enjoy the game.
Franklin Sports Teeball Infinite WebShok-Sorb Combo Series Fielding Glove, 10.5-Inch


  • The prepared to play performance glove comes with the lightweight and most comfortable models for the kids starting playing.
  • The RTP development on the performance glove enables youths to use the glove directly from the shelf to the playing field because the models do not require time to break in.
  • The glove has a wrist fit cover to enhance comfort in gaming and adjustability.
  • For left-handed throw wear the glove on the right hand and the right-hand throw where the glove in the left side.
  • The models are available with unique colours for 9-years old boys and girls.


The functionality Franklin Sports RTP Tee-ball performance glove is right that comes with a small ball that enables youths to play faster. The company also produces balls that fit with the glove hence making the training and gaming better. The lightweight of the gloves helps the kids in catching the ball and throwing the ball quickly, therefore, increasing the anxiety of the youths to train and play the game comfortably.

  • Franklin Sports Teeball Infinite Web [Recommended Age 7-9 Years Old]

The franklin is a company many people recommend for manufacturing varieties of gloves of different ages including Teeball infinite web gloves for 10-year-old kids. The shock- sorb Teeball gives the latest web technology enhancing reduction of palm sting and web expansion, a perfect combination for young softball kids with the inspiration of building confidence in sports using a lightweight glove that is functional. Accordingly, the shock-Sorb padding helps the kids in reducing the catching sting in the palm.

Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Performance Gloves


  • The model is an ideal glove for young kids playing Teeball.
  • The glove is light in weight to reduce the burden of training and to play by kids.
  • It has an infinitely developed web hence allowing web expansion to twice its height.
  • The model contains a shok-sorb palm padding that helps in reducing catching sting in the palm.
  • Kidswear the glove in their left hand when throwing the ball with the right fist while those throwing with the left hand wear the glove in their right hand.
  • The model is graphite /red that makes kids enjoy the training and playing games.
  • The size of the Teeball glove is 10.5 inches which are enough to fit into the hands of the players, making them play comfortably.


The franklin Teeball infinite web performs perfectly due to its size and shok-sorb padding palm. The model comes with a depth of 10.5 inches with enough space to fit the hands of young kids as they participate in training and playing comfortably without causing stress in throwing and catching the ball. Additionally, the presence of shok-sorb palm padding constructed with the Teeball glove helps to reduce catching sting, thus building confidence in the kids.

  • The Mizuno Prospect Baseball Glove [Recommended Age 8-10 Years Old]

Mizuno prospect baseball is one of the most reliable and trusted brands produced for 9-10 years old kids who are training and participating in sporting competitions. The glove comes with distinct specifications for high quality in flexibility and performance.  The model comes with the Heel flex innovation to enhance the performance and flexibility of the glove. Additionally, the butter-soft lining constructed with the prospect baseball glove helps to reduce the hand sting felt when catching the ball hence preventing the baseball kids from hurting themselves. Notably, the construction of the baseball glove consists of PowerClose and ParaFlex technologies to enhance simple break-in and catching the ball more smoothly.

Mizuno Prospect Baseball Glove


  • The model consists of ParaFlex Palm innovation, making it more flexible and easy break-in.
  • It has the PowerClose technology helping the player to catch the ball easily.
  • The model has butter-soft lining preventing palm sting when catching the ball.
  • The Heel Flex innovation helps to improve performance and flexibility.
  • The model has Para Shock Palm pad to enable the kid to play comfortably.
  • The power lock cover in the model enhances proper fitting in hand without slipping off.


The prospect baseball glove gives players the best feeling of comfort and adequate hand fitting, thus making playing more comfortable and straightforward. The butter-soft lining provides excellent convenience to the kids, and the Para shock palm helps in protecting the hand from any sting while catching the ball.  For further performance, the Power closure technology included in the glove during construction helps in giving the maximum fitting into the hand, thus minimising the chances of slipping off of the glove.

Best Softball Glove For 10-Year-Old Kids

Training a ten-year-old kid on the exciting baseball games can be stressful through very rewarding ultimately. The best way of helping kids to pick up in baseball sports is by providing them with easy to use and durable equipment, especially when looking to assist the child in learning the baseball so faster. To ensure adequate training and performance in playing parents should choose to purchase the top-rated softball gloves from the companies with high reputation. Therefore, this essay aims at explaining the best softball glove gloves for 10- year- old kids.

  • Rawlings Sure Catch Youth Baseball Glove [ Recommended Age 9-10 Years Old]

The Rawlings sure Catch is a glove constructed with an all-leather shell which is soft to enhance pocket shape retention and durability. The company design the glove with sure Catch cut out to allow easy and simple close making it ideal for young kids, and a cushioned finger linings provide additional comfort for a custom fit and protection required by the kids to be confident in catching the ball. Additionally, the glove comes with 90% factory break-in, thus make the glove complete and ready for training and sporting competition.

Rawlings Sure Catch Youth Baseball Glove Series


  • The company design the glove as a utility for any position since it has a game-ready feel direct from the box and requires less time to break-in.
  • The construction of the Sure Catch basket gloves involves kids of 10 years old and made simple to utilise mainly for kids beginning to learn various techniques in a game.
  • The lightweight, durability leather shell and padded finger linings developed for shape retention, optimal balance, additional quickness and extra comfort young kids with developing hands.
  • The Sure Catch is technological, allowing youths to swiftly and simply close the baseball glove when putting on for the first time.
  • The softshell and basket web pattern will enable players to scoop up grab the fly and grounders balls quickly and more comfortably.


The useful functionality of the Rawlings Sure Catch glove depends on the industry specifications in which the model comes with a 90% break-in making the glove right used by players in the game. Furthermore, the implementation of Rawlings on the Sure Catch has cutout heels used to remove some part of the glove base since the cutout serves as a hinge while closing the glove

  • Rawlings Select Pro Lite Baseball Glove [ Recommended Age 8-10 Years Old]

The Rawlings Pro Lite glove series is one of the best baseball gloves that suit youth players when training and playing games during competitions. The baseball glove is necessary for both left, and right hands oriented kids without overlooking any child beginning playing the game and gaining techniques relevant to participate in sports competitions. The leather component designing the Rawlings helps in preventing the player’s palm from sweating during the game. The palm padding and finger back lining help in ensuring a proper fitting of the glove into the hands of players without slipping off.

Rawlings Select Pro Lite Baseball Glove


  • The Rawlings Pro baseball glove has additional padding on both fingers and palm for proper fitting preventing slip off.
  • The construction of the model contains leather lacing, thus preventing perspiring of the palm.
  • It has finger back lining with cushions to help in proper gaming.
  • The model contains a shell with soft leather enabling the kinds train and play comfortably.
  • The glove has 90% factory break-in, thus making the glove ready for use in gaming.
  • It has a secure fit into the hands without causing any injuries on the sides of young players.
  • The baseball glove comes with a sleek construction and appealing colour, making it attractive hence tricky to resist in purchasing.
  • The model has a small opening that enhances maximum ball control when playing.


The Select Pro Lite Baseball glove ensures active playing due to its comfort and proper fitting into the hands of players. Accordingly, the finger index and the palm comes with additional padding protecting the youths against field injuries. The fitting of the glove is secure and sure preventing the mitt from slipping off while bossing the pitch.


There are several gloves available in the market with most of them hitting the market with new outstanding features, making them top in the market and beat the competition. Accordingly, the companies produce gloves of different ages including 8u, 9u, 10u and adult who use the gloves in training and participation in the game. Therefore, it is necessary for individuals to be sure of the size, the playing position in the field budget before choosing to help in determining the glove of the best selection.

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