Softball Glove For Infielder

Best 10 Softball Glove For Infielder

A baseball glove is a piece of essential equipment for softball and baseball game. You can’t play well without the best gloves. If you are an infielder player and you will deliver outstanding performance during gaming, you should buy the best infield softball glove. But now markets are available in many types of baseball gloves. So it’s hard to choose the best softball glove for the infielder.  However, we have select the top 10 best infield fastpitch softball gloves that specially made for infield players.

  1. Rawlings Liberty Advanced Fastpitch Softball Gloves

The Rawlings liberty advanced fastpitch infield glove is s model designed with the perfect balance patterns for the athlete’s hand size providing the most advanced level of comfort and control. The construction of the RLA715 glove involves a dynamic technological design advancing the fastpitch game and offering the opportunity for the best performance in the fields by game players. It’s the best infield fastpitch softball glove.

Rawlings Liberty Advanced Fastpitch Softball Gloves

Features & Details
  • The model is light in weight, making it easy for the youths to use during training and in competition comfortably without getting overwhelmed.
  • The narrow fit opening in the RLA715 2-3 gloves helps in accommodating the small hands of your players, thus reducing the fear of slipping off during the competition.
  • It consists of laces made of leather material; hence individuals can use the product for an extended period without wear.
  • The model has adjustable hand openings with a balanced pattern used by the players in controlling the ball comfortably and fit improvement.

Fits and comfort.

When the company crafts the fastpitch glove, it includes narrow openings for better fitting in the kids with small hands, thus making the child train correctly for the best performance in competition. Additionally, the glove comes in a small size that fits in the hands of players comfortably without slipping off when playing.


  • Adjustable hand openings and the balanced pattern enhance the performance of the model
  • The model comes with 100 days “love your glove” warranty providing the players with the opportunity of replacement in case of poor performance.
  • The factory soft leather material used in constructing the glove enhances simple break-in.


  • The glove is slightly heavy for the kids to use in playing and training.
  1. Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Glove Series

Wilson A2000 is a fastpitch softball infield glove having exceptionally high quality and professional level with I- web company design, which is perfect for middle infielders. The construction of the glove involves the Pro Stock leather of the best quality making the infielders play comfortably and enhancing durability and flexibility. Willson a2000 has many different models so they have also product infield softball gloves. If you have a good budget you will buy it. Use the best baseball glove oil can increase your baseball glove performance. For Wilson a2000 I have recommended Wilson Sporting Goods Premium Baseball Glove Oil.

Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Glove Series

Features & Details
  • The glove comes with an I-web design that enhances flexibility and durability of the glove and comfortable gameplay by the infielders.
  • The construction of the glove contains the Pro Stock leather with the highest quality that enables it to last for a long time.
  • The model comes with the honeycomb padding cover designed to create a sting-free zone below the pocket for protection and ball sting prevention.
  • It comes with the new closure system made of the drawstring, providing players with a customized feel and flying adjustments in the mid-game.
  • The Wilson A2000 glove comes with a guarantee limited to 100 days enabling the test for the performance. It can return the glove to the company if the functionality if confirmed having poor is performance.

Fit and comfort.

The Wilson A2000 glove comes with a custom fit mechanism that can fit into the hands of each fastpitch player.  Accordingly, the construction of the A2000 glove contains a pro Stock leather that requires no time for a break in hence providing the model with superior feel and durability.


  • The model extremely light in weight, making infielders play comfortably.
  • It is durable with long-lasting and highest quality leather.
  • The model contains numerous padding used to reduce hand sting.
  • Developing the model involves pro stock leather to enhance durability.
  • It comes with 100 days guarantee for “love your glove.”


  • The glove may have break-in delays.
  1. Rawlings Liberty Advanced Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

The Rawlings liberty fastpitch glove is one of the most products manufactured for high performance by players in the field. Accordingly, the company produces the best softball glove for infielders with extra comfort, high durability, and enables the player to control the ball easily during training and playing. The construction of the glove includes oil grain leather with laces making it stay longer and requires minimal time to break in. To

Rawlings Liberty Advanced Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

Features & Details
  • The model comes with Poron XRD pads used in cushioning the index finger and palm, thus eliminating hand sting.
  • The company crafts the glove with full-grain oil leather with an 80% break-in, making it ready for the gameplay competition.
  • The model comes with the double bar web and a single post having a 13-inch pattern.
  • The glove has simple adjustments with non-slip straps, thus giving players the ability to customize the model according to the requirements.
  • The model comes in red and white colors for the players to pick the color of their best choice.
  • The leather material made of the glove improves the quality of the glove making it more durable and comfortable feel by players.
  • The company produces the glove specifically for the first base play.

Fits and comfort.

The construction of Advanced Fastpitch Softball Glove includes high quality- stitching leather material, making it soft with the capability of supporting the infielders to play comfortably. The model also comes with simple adjustments making them fit into the players during training and game competition without the glove slipping off their hands.


  • The glove has less time for a break in hence purchased to be used directly by infield players.
  • The model comes with oil grain leather for its durability.
  • It comes with the index finger and palm pads to protect the hands of the players from ball sting.


  • The company produces gloves limited to two colors only.
  1. Rawlings Revo 550 Infield Softball Glove

Rawlings model Revo 550 is another product developed from the best softball glove for an infielder. The model includes game players specific pocket drafted with a unique revolutionary style such as the Solid REVO Core design helps in improving the glove’s fit leading to the maximum control and comfort. Accordingly, the glove has laceless heels to assist in eliminating laces with the additional stiffness on the glove.

Rawlings Revo 550 Infield Softball Glove

Features & Details
  • The glove comes with the Solid Core Revo pattern allowing for smooth closing of the glove.
  • The laceless heels construction eliminates lace stiffness making the players close the glove quickly.
  • The model contains soft materials in construction hence facilitating a simple break-in of the glove.
  • The model has a full-grain lining palm leather used to protect the players from ball sting.
  • The glove comes with a warranty limited to one year hence providing room for replacement in case of poor performance.

Fits and comfort

The construction of the Revo 550 Infield softball glove includes the solid technological core that helps in fitting into the hands properly, thus enhancing perfect control when playing. Additionally, the 12-inch construction pattern includes lower finger stalls and small hand openings with the pull straps adjustments improving fitness and ultimate comfort when training and competition.


  • The model comes with the Revo Core Solid construction.
  • It comes with the laceless heels hence eliminating lace stiff, making smooth closing.
  • The model has cushioned finger back lining for protection.
  • The glove comes with a warranty limited to one year.


  • The glove can get destroyed easily since its construction involves delicate cowhide.
  1. Franklin Sports Softball Glove

Franklin sports glove is one of the most critical models when it comes to kid players. The model helps youths discover high ideals, especially when in use in quality blending and durability sustenance.  The construction of the glove involves adjustable wrist cover laminated palm and mesh design used to improve performance during competition and manufactured in two colors that add elegancy in the model to attract the user.

Franklin Sports Softball Glove

Features & Details
  • The model comes with a soft synthetic leather component to enhance simple break-in.
  • The construction involves an adjustable contour fit mechanism and wrist strap designed to fit game players comfortably.
  • It comes with thick and premium synthetic leather to improve performance in the field and durability.
  • The hand developed pocket helps in providing the responsive feel and the maximum comfort in making catches and scoops without drops.
  • The right-handed throw wears the glove on the left hand, and players with left-handed throw wear the glove on the right side.

Fits & Comfort:

The franklin sports glove contains wrist closure, which makes simple adjustment of the glove in any position for proper fitting into the player’s hands, thus enhancing the of being used by many players with the least consideration of the palm-size. The soft PU laminations also provide comfort and maximum protection against ball sting.


  • The model fits every player due to custom wrist closure fitting.
  • The model comes with the least time for break-in; hence players use the glove directly from the market.
  • The glove comes palm lamination for flexibility, thus offering maximum performance.


  • The model comes with insufficient cushioning for expert players.
  1. Mizuno GMVP1200SE4 MVP Prime SE Gloves

The MVP Prime SE glove is a product for infielder that Mizuno has incredibly concocted. The model consists of the solace construction used to equalize cowhide oil and delicateness. Additionally, the heel flex technology used in constructing the glove contains unique adaptability and execution to help in enhancing the stability and performance of the model.

Mizuno GMVP1200SE4 MVP Prime SE Gloves

Features & Details
  • The model consists of extraordinary feel and solace to help in equalizing cowhide delicateness and oil.
  • Game players can find the glove in the market with a unique white color scheme with gold stitching and black lace outline used to attract customers.
  • Grafting of the model involves a V- cut innovation making the glove entirely fold easily over the ball, preventing the ball from dropping out of the glove after the catching impact.
  • The model comes with a simple and adjustable Velcro strap enabling the perfect fit of the glove into the hand.

Fits and comfort:-

Construction of the glove includes the single finger at the back that enables the hand to move out of the glove comfortably. Additionally, grafting of the glove constitutes technological Parashock for the palm pad, which helps in protecting the hand from hard impacts, hand sting prevention, and overall comfort improvement.


  • The GMVP1200SE4 glove comes with the Parashock technology protecting the glove from hard impacts.
  • The V- cut technology make the glove to fold the ball efficiently, preventing the ball from dropping altogether.
  • The glove is easily affordable due to its low cost.


  • The designing of the Mizuno gloves constitutes easily destroyed delicate cowhide
  1. Mizuno Baseball GXT3A Training Paddle

Mizuno Baseball Training glove is another product designed with full-grain leather material for high quality and durability. The model involves proper training field techniques and quick promotion of soft hands. The glove is the perfect model in training that assists game players on how to use both hands in training and stay down the ball while practicing ground fielding balls.

Features & Details
  • The development of the glove constitutes full-grain leather material making the glove to be extraordinarily durable, and provision of the glove feel.
  • The glove is never stiff trainer; hence helps in teaching the game players to touch the ball when hitting the paddles.
  • The company designs the glove for proper fundamental teachings to assist in improving the player’s hands for faster transfer.
  • The training glove helps in teaching the youth players how to apply both hands in playing.
  • The players with left-hand throw wear the glove on their right-hand side while those with the right-hand throw wear it on the left-hand side.
  • The subtle ridges constructed together with the glove help in making it have felt with no defeat of the integrity of the model.

Fits and comfort.

The construction of the glove contains the full-grain leather material that helps in making the model useful for an extended period and provides high-quality performance. The glove also comes in different sizes; hence it enables the players to choose the one that can best fit their hands without slipping off.


  • The model comes with the highest percent break in the factory hence making it ready for playing.
  • The full-grain leather material improves the quality of the glove and enhances its durability.
  • The glove can be found cheaply in the market hence easily affordable by many game players.


  • Due to low costs, the glove is not readily available in the market.
  1. Rawlings Player Preferred Adult Baseball

The Rawlings preferred softball and baseball infielder glove is the product designed by the company for recreational players of different ages and skill levels. The model comes with the most outstanding features that enable a game player to train appropriately and get equipped with field techniques and use them in competition.

Features & Details
  • The preferred baseball glove comes with high-quality full-grain and oiled leather for fast and straightforward break-in
  • The construction constitutes all- leather laces, which enhances the strength of the model and durability.
  • The building includes a basket web for flexibility and helps in making the glove simple to squeeze.
  • It contains a flex-loop back conventional design for strap mechanism support, thus creating a secure fit.
  • The baseball glove comes in different sizes used by individuals of various ages, thus enhancing recreational activities.
  • The players with the right-hand throw wear on the left hand, and those with the left hand wear the glove on the right side during training and competition.

Fits and comfort.

The construction of the glove includes a non-slip back with pull straps for simple adjustment fit. Accordingly, the model also comes with a zero shock palm pad for the impact protection when catching the ball.


  • The Rawlings’ construction material contains pre-oiled full-grain leather for simple break-in and durability.
  • The large-sized pocket of the glove helps to swallow the ball entirely, thus preventing drops.
  • The glove comes with zero shock palm padding for impact protection.


  • The H-web design may not be favorite to every player.
  1. Nokona X2 Buckaroo X2-V1250

Nokona X2 is one of the best softball gloves for infielder found in the market with high quality and durability specifications. The glove constitutes a two-piece construction with the perfect soft and kangaroo leather material and sturdy steer hide leather, making the gameplay more comfortable. If you are looking for a cheap softball infield glove then it’s not for you. 🙂

Features & Details
  • The Nokona X2 model comes with 12.5 inches from the factory with complete closure to enable the player to hold the ball comfortably while training for competition.
  • The model comes with the ability to break in quickly and faster, making it ready for the gameplay.
  • It comes with the Velcro wrist strap that enhances simple usability.
  • The company design the glove with the padding mechanism used in eliminating hand sting when playing.
  • The leather material used in constructing the glove enhances the player to use the glove for a long time.

Fits and comfort.

The glove comes directly out of the box with softness, thus making the players feel comfortable while participating in the training and competition. Additionally, the full grained leather used in constructing the glove helps in improving the quality of the model and durability.


  • The Velcro wrist strap made of the glove helps in protecting the hand against the ball sting.
  • The glove comes with a simple break-in and ready for the players to use.
  • It comes with high durability due to full-grain leather material.
  • The construction involves a padding mechanism for protection.


  • The Nokona X2 glove is costly hence not easily affordable.
  1. Easton Ghost Fastpitch Series Baseball Glove

The Easton Ghost glove is an ideal fastpitch softball model developed for seasoned game players looking for high-level competition. The company crafts the glove using steer premium leather lining to provide the players with comfort and feel.

Features & Details
  • The glove comes with the quantum cover system with small openings providing the players with a comfortable playing environment.
  • Crafting the glove constitutes steer premium leather to improve its quality and enhancing durability.
  • The model comes with the rawhide laces used to reinforce sustainability and the glove’s longevity improvement.
  • The model comes with the fastpitch specific pattern with small openings in hand for softball players.
  • It comes with complete adjustments used to optimize fit for better control while training and playing and the best feel.
  • The model uses a unique pattern designed for the fastpitch play
  • The H-web design helps players to have greater visibility on flies’ pop of the ball.

Fits and comfort

Companies involved in the construction of the Easton Fastpitch gloves use the steer leather material lining, providing support and feel to the players while training and playing. Additionally, the development involves simple adjustments enhancing optimized fit for better performance in both training and game competition.


  • The model comes with the rawhide laces for durability reinforcement.
  • The glove has simple adjustments providing an optimized fit
  • The small openings included in the gloves offer a more secure and tight fit for better control


  • The H-web design in the model cannot be beneficial for some players.


There are various factors to take into consideration when purchasing the softball glove for infielders of the best choice. The size of the glove, leather type, and the web style are some of the critical specifications that show the quality of a glove found in the market. Therefore, before purchasing a glove, players should first decide on the position to play in the field then use the information discussed above in guiding you to land the best softball glove for the infielder.

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