Guide on How to Oil a Baseball Glove

A fantastic Guide on How to Oil a Baseball Glove

For you to achieve the desired experience in baseball, you must be fully equipped. For instance, you need to keep your glove lubricated. Notably, the leather material is naturally vulnerable to deterioration. Baseball glove care extends the lifetime of your glove as well as rewards you with outstanding service. Also, with the necessary baseball outfit, it is much easier to play.

True, adding oil to your glove will not only help you soften the leather but also prevent it from cracking. However, it is recommendable to break in your glove naturally if you have never used baseball glove oil. On the other hand, you can also decide not to wait for a few games to pass before attaining a comfy feel. Of course, you can choose to baseball oil your glove to make it supple enough for fitting use and protect your hand during big games. Here is an excellent guide (step by step) to ensure your glove offers the best performance.

Purchase the Right Glove Oil

Glove Oil

When it comes to buying glove lubricants, you need to choose carefully as some may not meet your expectations. One of the top-rated in the market is Wilson Premium Glove oil. Although various companies claim to manufacture the best baseball oil, there is always a slight difference. Despite being challenging, you have to be sure about the one you choose as no two oils are alike.

If you buy the wrong formula, you may end up damaging your glove. The first thing to check is whether your maker recommends a certain kind of oil. Most of the manufactures speculate that buyers will be using lubricants to make gloves comfy. You can check online to see if there are any instructions for oil usage. Some of the common materials for breaking in the glove include saddle soap, baby oil, shaving cream, and petroleum jelly.

Do not use typical routine as you lubricate

Each person has his or her way to break in gloves. Some people go for popping their glove in the oven at low heat for a few minutes. Others prefer the use of microwave or other ways to apply heat to the glove. These methods can cause a lot of damage to your glove. With this, you can easily damage the leather or accidentally shrink the glove.

The worst of all is to start a fire at home as you try to break in your glove. Oiling is the best and easy way to make your glove soft enough for use. It is recommendable not to go for other methods if you want to be safe and keep your glove intact.

Apply the oil sparingly

When it comes to applying the oil to the gloves, you don’t have to use the entire bottle to achieve the desired softening. Be aware that even the products designed to enhance the softness of the glove can be damaging if applied excessively.

It is crucial to use the product sparingly as a little oil can soften the desired section. There is no need to apply it all over the glove. A small amount of oil in a few areas will work effectively.

Apply the oil into the glove

When applying the oil, you only have to be concerned about a few areas. Ensure you lubricate the right spot. Make sure you put a little oil into the pocket, the space between your forefingers and the thumb. It is the right spot since this is where you catch the balsas well as rub it in to get a light glaze. Only smear a light coat for efficiency.

Also, it is essential to ensure their no globs of oil or other liquids. If any, remove them with a piece of cloth. You can also apply the product with a soft towel if you do not want to touch oil. Do it directly, put a small amount on the cloth and rub gently.

Give it a rest

After applying oil to the right spot, it is vital to let your glove dry off. If you desire a splendid performance, be patient for the oil to soak up. Some people prefer setting their gloves in direct sunlight after applying oil. Well, this is an option, but it is not the best, especially if you need to keep your glove in good condition.

Instead of setting your glove in direct sunlight, store it in a cool, dry place overnight. When you wake up in the morning, check for any excess oil and wipe it clean. Remember, direct sunlight can result in cracks resulting in terrible performance.

Now form your pocket.

Now that your glove is ready for action, it is time to make the pocket. Forming the pocket makes it much easier to keep grip and well as catch balls. For you to break through this last step, play catch balls for a few minutes each day for a couple of weeks. Playing catch helps to attain flexibility, shape, and comfort.

There are a few methods to achieve the desired pocket. You do it naturally by playing catch. You can also put a baseball in the pocket and tie the glove, leaving it for several hours. After repeating the procedure, you will realize the pocket starts to form. Otherwise, you can choose to use a hammer to hit the pocket.


What oil to use on baseball glove?

The best glove oil to use depends on personal specifications and taste. It is necessary to use a lubricant that is easy to apply or spray, which softens and aids glove break-in, one that softens your material as well as preservation.

What is the best oil for a baseball glove?

Again the best oil for baseball glove depends on your experience with a specific product. Furthermore, everyone has a different taste and preference. However, the commonly used include Wilson Premium Glove Oil, Leather Therapy restorer, Franklin Sports MLD, Pecard oil, Rawlings Gold Butter. Also Wilson pro-stock glove conditioner, Hot Glove treatment, Hot Glove Cream Oil, and Lanolin oil

Is Vaseline suitable for baseball gloves?

Yes, Vaseline, as well as petroleum jelly based products, is excellent for lubricating baseball gloves. It is a great glove conditioner as it protects and softens the leather. Also, apply Vaseline to the pocket after playing grab as it aids in flexible leather and form to the ball in the pocket.

Should I oil my baseball glove?

Glove oil seems to get the short end of the stick when it comes to popularity. Besides, the decision here is personal since some people may prefer a natural break-in. They never use oil, and they wouldn’t know how to break in a glove other than by use, while others go for the oil.


With this guide, we hope that you can now enjoy the game. Also, remember determination and effort is the mother of success. You can have the best glove and yet not perform. Equip yourself well, have the motive plus desire to play, and you push your experience in baseball to the next level.

Finally, do not forget to clean your glove often to keep in mint condition. You can wipe it clean with a sponge or damp clock and retain your application light for the glove to last long. After cleaning, keep it in a semi-warm environment for it to be soft, gentle, and ready for many seasons to come.

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