Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles

Top 6 Largest Baseball Stadiums in the World

Baseball, as a sport, has continued to become more prevalent across many states in the world. Like any other sporting activity, a baseball stadium is a perfect place for watching games. For most fans, the game itself is not enough and vital for enjoying their day at the park. In other words, they judge the interior features and design of the stadium.

This includes the outfield dimensions as well as the exterior view. Typically, baseball fans are more likely to return to watch their favorite games if the stadium offers an all-around great feeling. Moreover, sounds and insights are pretty essential. Are you looking for the largest baseball stadiums to host or watch your games this coming season? If yes, this article has got you covered.

  1. Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles

This is the largest baseball stadium you can find in the world. It is the home field for MLB’s Los Angeles Dodgers. Also, it comes as the only stadium whose carrying capacity has never changed. Ever since it was opened in 1962, it has maintained the highest spectator seat capacity of 56,000.

Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles

However, this figure raised to 57,099 in 2009 when there was a tough match between LA Dodgers and Pittsburgh Pirates. Usually, most people refer to it as a pitcher’s ballpark, witnessing twelve no-batters. Other than that, its wavy roofs on top of every outfield pavilion make it pretty distinct from other parks.

In 1980, the Dodger Stadium hosted the MLB’s All-Star Game and planning to host the same game again in 2022. This stadium provides various innovatively designed features, including the roofed and divided portions of dugout-level seats. More importantly, the entire structure of this stadium can withstand earthquake waves.

  1. Estadio Latinoamericano, Havana

The Latin American Stadium is found in Havana, Cuba. With a current seating of 55,000, it stands as the second-largest baseball park in the world. Also, it exists as a spacious pitcher’s park designed to let prevailing winds blow in for a fresh feel. This exclusive stadium boasts a playing surface and incredible lighting system that meets the major-league quality standards.

Estadio Latinoamericano, Havana

Furthermore, it was built in 1946 as a top baseball park in Latin America. In 1999, this stadium hosted an exhibition series between the Baltimore Orioles and the Cuban National Team. The best part is that it is a multifunctional stadium as it has been utilized for varied spectacles such as dancing performances and boxing matches.

  1. Tokyo Dome, Tokyo

Tokyo Dome takes the third spot of the largest baseball stadium by capacity. It exists in Bunkyo, Tokyo, since its opening in 1988. Besides, it boasts a total of up to 55,000 depending on the seat configuration. Initially, its nickname was the Tokyo Big Egg, which later changed to Tokyo Dome. This was due to the dome-shaped roof that comes as an open air-supported structure. In other words, an elastic membrane gains support by slightly pressing the interior parts of the stadium.

Other than that, it became the first Japanese ballpark with an American football spectator’s attendance of over 50,000. Plus, it is the home field for the Yomiuri Giants Baseball team. With its incredible versatility, this stadium also held American Football, basketball, and music concerts. To add to that, professional wrestling, boxing, mixed martial arts and many more activities occur in this fantastic stadium.

  1. Sapporo Dome, Sapporo

The Sapporo Dome is a stadium found in Sapporo, Japan. It is majorly used to play baseball and football games. Also, it is the home ground of the baseball team side, Nippon-Ham Fighters and Consadole Sapporo soccer team. Besides, it is among the best arena planning to host the 2020 summer Olympics.

The distinct feature of this stadium is the retractable surface. In other words, the ground changes between two-varied surfaces. The underlying artificial turf field accommodates baseball games. On the other side, the grassy pitch is used for football matches. Interestingly, these two fields slips inside and outside the pitch with convenience. This particular design makes it perfectly stylish and fabulous.

With the retraction style, the Sapporo Dome stadium boasts a seating capacity of 40,476 for baseball games. As for the football games, the field accommodates up to 41,484 fans with comfort. Plus, it has a fixed roof design.

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  1. Rogers Center, Toronto

Rogers Center, initially called SkyDome, comes as a multifunctional stadium situated in Downtown, Canada. Its year of opening is 1989, and it’s the home field of the MLB Toronto Blue Jays. The stadium was previously the home to the Toronto Argonauts side for the Canadian Football League. And the National Basketball Association team Toronto Raptors. Besides being typically a sports park, it hosts other significant events like conventions, concerts, trade fairs, and much more.

The exciting thing is that it boasts fame as the first stadium with an entirely retractable motorized roof. Additionally, it had 348-hotel rooms attached to it, with about seventy rooms overlooking the stadium. However, the operational problems initiated its roof replacement with a permanent roof. The roof has four panels and occupied an area of 345,000 square feet. Therefore, it comfortably seats up to 53,506 spectators.

  1. Coors Field, Denver

Taking the sixth position of the largest baseball stadium in the world is the Color Field. It brags a high seating capacity of 50,144, and it’s situated in Denver’s town center at Colorado City. Also, it is the home ground for Colorado Rockies, an MLB franchise. This stadium started to operate in 1995.

The stadium has a cost of $300 million and contains 63 deluxe suites and 4526 club seats. Interestingly, the Coors Field has gained an excellent reputation as a hitter’s park. This was due to Denver’s high elevation and the semi-arid climate on the distances of batted balls. Thus, the outfield fences tend to be positioned further away from the home plate. Most importantly, the ballpark hosted the 1998 MLB All-Star Game, including many concerts.


With that said, the above picks are the largest baseball stadiums basing on the seating capacity. Besides, they boast incredible features that will make your game viewing experience perfect.

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