What is the Baseball Bat Drop

What Does Drop Mean in Baseball Bats?

Understanding the best drop bat length is essential. Most players and parents who want to buy a baseball bat get it challenging to choose the bat with the best drop that will help them. However, the first question is what does drop mean?

The article has tried to explain everything concerning drop.

What is the Baseball Bat Drop?

Drop is the difference between the bat weight and length of the baseball bat. The length of the baseball is measured from one tip of the bat to the other. For example, if the bat length is 40 inches and the length is 30 ounces, then the drop is 30-40= -10.

It should be understood that you minus weight from the length. Drop is also referred to as drop weight. Drop simply represents the lightness of the bat for a given bat length.  A length bat with a high drop is lighter than a bat with the same length but has a lower drop.

For example, if two bats 1 and 2 with the same bat length but a different drop of let say -5 and -8, respectively they have different lighter.  Bat 2 is lighter than bat 1 because it has a higher drop than 1.

Easton Ghost X Evolution USA Youth Baseball Bat

How to find the drop weight of your baseball bat?

The drop weight of every bat is usually mentioned on the barrel of the bat. Despite which bat type, be it DeMarini, Easton, or any other brand, you will find the drop weight is indicated on the barrel. It will be mentioned as let say -9, -10, -11, or whatever the bat’s drop weight.

The purpose of the bat drop concept

The question many may ask is why was the concept of the drop was introduced?  With slowpitch bats, you can purchase the baseball because they do not have different lengths instead of fastpitch bats.

Slow pitches have the same length of 34 inches. For them, you need to look at the weight of it.

With the fastpitch bats, they are available at different lengths. To differentiate them and enable the brand to manufacture bats with different lengths and weights, the concept of drop weight was introduced.

The concept of bat drop also helps the players to choose the best baseball bat with the perfect length according to their height. It also allows them to have the bat with an ideal weight that aligns with their strength.

Rawlings 2019 Threat USA Youth Baseball Bat

High bat drop vs. low bat drop

The bats with high drop are comfortable to swing, and they enable players to swing them with a fast speed. However, it should be understood that buying a high drop bat isn’t that good because you will need more force, so to hit the ball.

On the other hand, low drop bats cannot swing fast, but they transfer more energy to the ball. For those young players who cannot turn the bat at a fast speed, this option will be ideal for them. However, there are other factors you will need to consider other than the high or low drop bat.

Which bat drop is ideal for young players?

The best bat drop for young players depends on how fast they can swing the bat and the strength of the young players. The bats with a drop of between 10-13 are ideal for those young players that can’t swing the bat at high speed.

Young players with a good physique and can speed it can use the bat with a drop between 8-10 can be the right choice. Young players using a bat with a high drop can be useful to them because they are lighter, but they will not improve their performance.

How to test and find the perfect bat drop

It is hard to tell what drop is perfect for a player is perfect by just looking at the player. Having a little test on the bat can be ideal in knowing which drop weight perfect. In testing, hold the bat on the left or right side for around 30-45 seconds without dipping it down.

If you can do it, then the bat is right for you, but if you get a challenge in holding it for an extended period, it means you need a lighter bat. Keep on testing the various bats until you get that will be suitable for you.

Can my performance be affected if I change to a different drop weight?

Changing to new and different drop weight can affect your performance. The improvement or degradation of your performance with the drop weight will depend on how perfect it will be to your body. If you have been using a low drop, you need to go for a different drop.

Moving for a higher drop weight will mean that it will be lighter than the previous one. This will require you to use more energy to swing your bat at a fast speed to hit the ball. This means that you will not hit hard the ball as you used to do previously.

On the other hand, if you have been using a lower drop weight, the new bat will be heavier. In this case, if the boat will be too heavy for you, it will significantly decrease your swing speed, and this may make you miss many pitches.  You may manage to hit the balls, but it will not be hard as you hit with the previous drop bat that was perfect for you.

What is the best drop weight for beginners?

Most coaches suggest that you choose a bat that has a drop of not more than 8. The number will change the unit below or above, depending on the personal player experience.

The reason coaches suggest this is that the drop weight has a little bit of weight at the barrel, and players can feel it when using. However, for those not strong and lightweight, you can buy a 9 drop 9 because it will be ideal for you.

Final thought

Even if you are buying your bat offline or online, you need to consider the drop of the bat you are about to buy. If you are not aware of what bat is best for you, try to test the test, as we have highlighted.

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