Wilson A2000 Gloves Reviews

Top 5 Wilson A2000 Baseball Gloves Reviews

Wilson A2000 gloves are one of the top and most used gloves in baseball. For over the years now, the gloves have been used by both experienced and amateur baseball players. It has been used as the official gloves on significant league Baseball. The gloves are said to offer the best experience in the game. The style and design of the gloves provide an excellent feel when used. With the various models, Wilson A2000 is rated as the best for infielders at the moment. In this article, we have reviewed the top 5 Wilson A2000 models.

How many may Wilson A2000 model gloves be available on the market?

Wilson A2000 is an iconic glove that has been on the market for over the years now. The gloves’ popularity and material quality have made the manufacturers improve and come up with various models. The gloves are categorized either as infield, those that are used in infield and outfield gloves. The major infield Wilson A2000 gloves include;


  1. Wilson 2020 A2000 JA27 GM 11.5″ this is the latest Jose Altuve come out with. This model is made of Navy SuperSnakeSkin leather material hence strong. It is an infield baseball glove.
  2. Wilson 2020 A2000 DP15 GM 11.75″ The Dustin Pedroia gloves have changed the baseball game forever. The walnut/Saddle Tan Pro Stock leather is well designed and makes it more durable. The infield glove has a thin heel pad for quicker break-in and closure.
  3. Wilson 2020 A2K MC26 GM 11.75″ – is another great model that Matt Chapman come up with that looks exceedingly good. Has a double palm design that makes it easy and pocket stability
  4. Wilson 2019 A2000 CC1 GM 11.75″ Infield Glove – Carlos Coreea brought some sight in elevation with the glove. It is made to give out a new welting gap for easy control and stability.
  5. Wilson A2000 EVAN LONGORIA, 11.75 IN– the glove is made of Orange Tan Pro Stock Leather that makes it easy to break in and offers the best durability.
  6. Wilson 2019 A2000 JL34 GM 12.5″ Pitcher Baseball Glove- is well designed with a Black Pro Stock leather material that is durable. It is available for both RHT and LHT.
  7. Wilson A2000 CK22 Clayton Kershaw GM 11.75″ Baseball Glove– the gloves feature a deep pocket with a closed 2-piece web that gives a total ball grip.
  8. Wilson 2020 A2K MB50 SuperSkin GM 12.5″ Outfield Baseball Glove– features a perfectly paired Navy/Vegas Gold Pro Stock Select leather that helps the players raise again.
  9. Wilson 2019 A2K MB50 SuperSkin GM 12.75″ Outfield Glove– the glove is coming from Mookie, and it has given him more weight, and it is lightweight.

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Wilson A2000 DP15 Pedroia Fit 11.5″

These baseball gloves have the best deep pocket and 2 Piece web that makes it easy to grip. The glove design that is made with Pedroia fit makes it ideal to be used by even young players.

Wilson A2000 DP15 Pedroia Fit 11.5"

Features & Details

Durability- the glove is made from Blonde/Red Pro Stock Leather that is specifically for Wilson gloves. The material gives players unmatched feel and strength when they are using.

Pedroia fit- this series features the Pedroia Fit feature that enables internal change patterns. It makes it perfect for those with small hands to use it comfortably by adjusting the Pedroia Fit.

Comfortability- has a flat finger binding that makes it softer and provides comfortability and protects the finger while in the field.

Finger stalls- the finger stalls are made thinner to fit on those with small hands.  the thumb and pinky are jointly made to maximize the hand strength

Welting- the glove has a double welting that ensures that there is quicker break-in, and it doesn’t break easily, and it is long-lasting. The way the glove material is made makes it of high quality as its impact is experienced.


  • Durable with unmatched feel to users
  • Easy to break-in
  • Has along-lasting shape


  • Expensive

Wilson A2000 SuperSkin

The Wilson A2000 SuperSkin gloves are mad of the Pro stock leather. It has a smaller hand original and narrower finger spaces to fit lesser hands, but by all the features you’d suppose from an A2000.

Wilson A2000 SuperSkin

Features & Details

Grey SuperSkin: This is twice as durable as consistent leather, but half the mass of the glove baseball The A2000 SuperSkin glove run is the value player of the Wilson team. An adaptable mix of Pro Stock skin and human-made SuperSkin brands the glove tougher, brighter and calmer to pause in than the all-leather A2000. 11.25.

Left Hand Throw ONLY: If you are playing, you can wear a glove on your right hand. Several baseball players are coached to be just cross-dominant, fluttering solely left-handed and tossing uniquely right-handed.

Black/blonde Pro Stock leather: It supposed to be for a on-going glove and a countless break. Grey SuperSkin, twice as durable as even leather, but semi the mass. Black/light-coloured Pro Stock leather for a long-lasting glove and an uncountable break.

Thin heel pad, designed for quick admittance, better closure and flat digit joint when playing. Intended for better flow, fit, purpose, and flavour, Icon features a Motion Fit. A swift, six-step procedure will impart you the essentials of foot mechanics.

Infield Baseball Glove; H-Web: You can get the best glove that function as you might need when playing.


  • Preferred for its rocky durability and supreme
  • Twice as sturdy as steady leather
  • Durable


  • Half weight
  • Expensive

Wilson A2K Baseball Glove Series

If you are looking for the attractive gloves layout safe overuse, you need Wilson A2K baseball glove. Its leather is made of premium. However, it comes in 7 sizes and best for adults who love the game.

Wilson A2K Baseball Glove Series

Features & Details

Offer high quality: Since the leather of the glove made of pro stock, its healthy to play baseball with. Most of us use color, such as dark brown, blonde, and black.

Reduced break-in time: You can enjoy the quality performance of this glove if playing baseball. Wilson has considered the wedding design used for this glove. It has a spin that used to ensure a sudden drop from the strike.

2x palm: The construction of the glove retains its design even after use for some time. Therefore, it assists the stability of the pocket for the player during the game time.

Skived for the dual welting technology: It results in providing the shape of the glove is made of the retrieving material that is durable.

High pocket stability: Glove has a dual-layer lining for the safety of your finger and the palm of the player. Wilson A2K Baseball stabilizes with the best layer when playing.


  • Excellent quality of the performance
  • Best prized possession in their pitching gloves
  • It comes in a variety of shape and size to select from


  • Not created with the same design

Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Glove Series

The gloves fit serious female athletes perfectly. It can cost you more, but the high number, the better the glove. It is made for the best pitcher who is looking for the option in the market.

Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Glove Series

Features & Details

Price:- Before you begin to pick the glove, check out the available price. This glove is of high-quality material, thus why the cost is higher. However, its content can last for a longer time. If you are looking for an expensive glove from the market, then this glove can fit you.

Size:- Because of the Wilson A2000 Fastpitch, it’s a highly adjustable softball glove that suits players well. It assists in giving control of the ball when you are playing. It can help you to win a baseball game from your side due to its speed. The size of the glove is 12 inches of the dual post web.

Durability: Materia made of glove leather are of black and top quality for the pro stock.  The material is more durable than half the weight of the glove. Maintaining your glove can help it to withstand and hold ball quite well. The durability of the glove makes your shot steady from your palm.

Although if you need cheaper leather, it can do a better job. The top performance gives durability look for the great quality.

Comfort: Most players are looking for the top priority that can control the performance when playing. This glove will give you the best support you need to have a player. Another thing you will feel comfortable enough.

Webbing: Here, you will have a choice from the two-option given. The design of the glove provides you self-explanation. The glove web gives you the visibility and support of catching. The leather made of the glove protects you from the sun. Webbing performs better protection to your glove.


  • The material made of the leather is durable and steady
  • It is easy to break-in
  • The design of the monochrome is beautiful


  • High price, for the only serious player
  • The white color with time it turns gray quickly.

Wilson A2000 SuperSkin Slowpitch Softball Glove Series

They were made of the elite slowpitch player who is serious. Gloves are used to reinforce single post player ladder web of the pattern. The glove gap is more comfortable to open and close—the use of pro stock leather, which maintains the durability of the glove.

Wilson A2000 SuperSkin Slowpitch Softball Glove Series

Features & Details

Dual-welting – two strips of leather sited along with each finger back create a steady pocket and a long-lasting break-in

Reinforced Single Post Ladder Web: It helps reinforce gloves when in concert. Single and Extension Ladders must be erected as close to a pitch when playing.

Grey SuperSkin and Grey/Vegas Golden Pro Stock Leather: Since the leather made exactly for Wilson ball gloves, this American Steerhide is chosen by expert companies for its rugged toughness and an unmatched feel.

Softball pocket size (outfield): This glove was calculated for softball, so its pocket isn’t too small related to hardball gloves used for softball. It is also not too big similar to other slowpitch softball gloves where you’re digging around for the ball.

Excellent craftmanship: the construction is top-notch. There are no long stitches, loose filaments, or loose knots. It’s hard to find a premium softball glove for guys, but this glove feels like a pro-stock glove.


  • premium quality leather: it is stiff but supple to the touch and free of blemishes. It will take work to work it in, but it will last a long time with proper care.
  • Palm-size: hands fit well for the medium size.
  • Ensure a great advantage of gripping the ball during a catch
  • Profound gripping on the ball for holding, concealing and catching with ease


  • Tough to shape
  • Heavy


what is better Wilson a2k or a2000?

 The two brands are famous in baseball. Most top infielders and outfielders like to use either of the two gloves. The difference between them is not much. They differ in construction and price. If you need a softer glove, go for A2K, and if you are for more rugged and less expensive gloves, use A2000.


Is the Wilson A2000 a good glove?

Wilson A2000 is one of the gloves that is well known in the world. The glove models are the ideal choice for third basemen and middle infielders. It is good for those players with multiple positions in the field.


Where are Wilson a2k gloves made?

The professional Wilson A2000’s was developed in Japan. They are too made in this same area. It should also be understood that A2000’s are created too in Vietnam.


Why is the Wilson a2000 so expensive?

Wilson A2000 gloves aren’t cheap, just like other gloves. The quality of the gloves and how it works are some of the things that make it expensive. The gloves technicians have spent their long time to work on it to work on the leather.


What is the difference between a Wilson a1000 and a2000?

The leather material used to construct the two gloves is what differentiates them. The leather makes them have a difference in the feel, and time lasts and break-in of each of the two. Wilson A2000 is made of a better material that lasts longer than that of Wilson A1000. Wilson A2000 is expensive and is mostly used by pro players.


What’s better a2000 or Heart of the Hide?

Wilson a2000 and Rawlings Heart of Hide glove have the same quality when compared. It isn’t easy to choose, which is better if you need to have a big game. Their price is nearly the same. So it’s up to you to choose which one you should purchase.


Final Verdict

Wilson A2000 gloves are very popular among the pro baseball players. There are various models from the series. Choosing the best model is based on the features and quality they offer. In these articles, we have looked at the top-rated Wilson series models. With the features, you can choose the best model. Most of the gloves are made of durable materials and have a soft feel when used.

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